Startup planning

Write an impressive business plan with solid financials to start your business with confidence, apply for a loan or get funded by investors.

Build a solid foundation for
your startup

Bring your ideas to life with Lean Canvas, refine them and develop a solid business plan. Your startup business plan will be your guide to a successful business. Your startup business plan will improve your chances of success by 130%.

Business planning for startups
Apply for a loan

Apply for a loan  

Banks or lenders want reduced risks. Startups want access to funds. Build confidence and provide assurance with your startup business plan to get a loan accepted. Show how you will spend your loan and project how to pay it back.

Get funded

Investors look for good return on their investments. With a clear startup business plan and solid financial forecasts, you will impress and motivate investors to join you in your entrepreneurial journey. Reliable financial forecasts will increase your chance of getting funded by 250%.

Get funded

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Our business planning platform is your beacon to plan, fund, manage and grow a successful business. We make it as fun as it can get, so you don’t have to experience the pains but only get gains from good business planning.

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