Revolutionise your financial modelling

Say goodbye to the headache of complicated spreadsheets and hello to effortless, accurate financial projections. With intuitive features, easy-to-use interface and unparalleled accuracy, Bizzmill is the go-to tool to grow your clients base.

Streamline your processes

Automate many of the manual tasks involved in business planning and forecasting. Make financial models 70% faster than Excel. Reduce the time and effort required and increase the accuracy of the results. What really makes Bizzmill stand out is its algorithm—it automatically calculates all important financial metrics so no more wasting time looking up formulas or cross-referencing information. By using Bizzmill, you will reduce the risk of errors in your projections and provide your clients with more transparent and accurate financial modelling.

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Attract growth capital

Enhance collaboration

Access all your clients’ financial models in one platform with just a click. With a centralised platform for collaboration and communication between consultants ,clients, and other stakeholders, it is easier to share information and work together on projects. Collaborate and quickly adjust without having to start from scratch or change formulas.

Boost engagement with visuals

With Bizzmill dynamic dashboards, it's much easier for your clients to understand what goals need to be achieved. Bizzmill provides you with visualisations and analytics tools that make it easier to analyse data and identify key trends and insights. You will engage them and easily explain your advice, the impact on their revenue and cashflow, their P&L and balance sheet all in one dashboard. With visual financial models you will help them manifest their growth and success.

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Join our partner program and start earning money by helping your clients achieve their financial goals with our innovative software. With our cutting-edge tools and your financial expertise as a business consultant, together we can help small and medium-sized businesses succeed and thrive.

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