Share & raise capital

Share your plan with potential investors or creditors to raise funding.

Connect your accounting software

For your business to succeed, you need to get instant insights into your financial performance. Bizzmill helps you keep track of your goals and see your progress in real-time. Connect your accounting software, like ExactOnline, QuickBooks or Xero, and your accounting data is imported automatically.

Learn how to Pitch from proven expertise and guidance

With BizzMill, you will learn how to win people over by demonstrating your business plan and financial forecasts with data visualizations.

Adapt your plan to change

Bizzmill business planning and financial planning is flexible to adapt to change. Your pitch and business plan can be easily adapted, and data is readily synchronized so you save time to focus on building and growing your business.

On Track

Connect accounting software to steer your company based on insights.

Get funding for your startup

Make a businessplan targeted at attracting potential investors or securing a loan, pitch, get funded, and launch your startup.


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