Lean Canvas Model

Structure your idea in minutes. Create a one-page business plan containing your product or services, your customers, and your sales strategies.

One page business plan

Write down your idea to bring it to life. Your business plan on 1 A4 or on a napkin! Lean Canvas Model help you show the story behind your business model and how you create value to your target customers.

Lean Canvas Model
One page business plan

Explain your business in minutes

Lean Canvas Model is made to provide you with a one pager that becomes your visual guide for understanding and communicating your idea effectively. Does your one pager hold? Then you are ready to complete a comprehensive business plan.

Save yourself time

Once your one-page business plan is ready, Bizzmill will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a detailed and complete business plan document. You can rely on our data synchronization so you don’t need to fill in the same information twice.

Lean canvas modelling

Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Our business planning platform is your beacon to plan, fund, manage and grow a successful business. We make it as fun as it can get, so you don’t have to experience the pains but only get gains from good business planning.

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