Financial Planning

Enter your costs, forecast your sales, and rely on Bizzmill to automatically calculate the money you need and that you will make. No spreadsheets and no mistakes.

Budget like a pro

Estimate your revenue and expenses and understand your finances. Automatically calculate your monthly, quarterly and yearly budgets. Discover if and when you need financing and give it a go. 

Easily create a budget for your financial plan
Test and analyse your cash flow

Cash is king

Test and analyse your cash flow in minutes. Project your cash flow and how to keep your king healthy; decrease costs, delay debtors or make it more pricey?

Simulate decrease of costs, shorten debtor terms or change sales prices and see the result in your cash flow.

Automatic financial reports

Get a visual report of your financial dash-board. Explain your finances with confidence; your revenue, costs, cash flow, balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Automatic financial reports

Flexible financial planning

Is there change in your expenses or sales forecast? Easily add or edit your inputs and shape your financial goals. Graphs and charts automatically updated your profit & loss statement in a heartbeat.

Flexible financial planning

Make informed decisions  

Discover how proper financial planning is empowering and Not overpowering. Bizzmill helps you learn and use financial planning to reduce uncertainty and stress and lead your business to success.

Automatically forecast the financial impact

Easy financial planning without compromise

Discover how proper financial planning make business predictable. Bizzmill helps you make informed decisions reduce uncertainty and stress and boost your profits.

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