Working with scenarios

One of the super power tools that you are offered.

This feature (Go Far Plan only) is arguably one of the super power tools that you are offered. Creating multiple scenarios is basically playing with different outcomes. What if I decide to invest next month or what happens if we let go of an employee. We will show you instantly what happens to your cashflow and your profits. Gut feeling is great, but now you want to know what that gut feeling results in. Super powers enabled!


How do you create an other scenario.

1)    Go to companies in the left main navigation menu.

2)    Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your company. 

3)    Click on scenarios

4)    The default is the one you are currently working in. So click on add and select if you either want to copy your existing forecast or start from scratch. In the event you would like to copy an existing scenario, please choose which you want to copy and click save.

5)    Close the tab. You now see the new scenario in the upper left corner in the main navigation menu. 

6)    You can toggle quickly from one to another and compare them.