Setting up your first business

Setting up your business starts with two simple steps.

Setting up your business starts with two simple steps. We strongly recommend you to do this first. We use general data to enrich basic information in your plan and require data to be able to calculate essential financial data such as expected burdens on your employees and taxes to be paid (or get back) sales and income tax. 

General information

Data such as your company address, adding your logo, a short description of the company (optional) and legal information can be entered here.


Setup & Taxes

The information here entered is also being used for your plan. Currency, Employers’ charges, length of forecast, start of your forecast and tax settings must be entered here.

If you don’t know what to fill in at tax settings (income and sales tax), we advise you to ask a friend or relative who does or even better, your accountant or financial advisor. Please note that it is a forecast, it doesn’t need to be an exact %, all your calculations are estimates.