Cookie Statement

Last Updated: 15th March 2023

Bizzmill established and domiciled in The Hague (2582 SR) on the Bentinckstraat 11, hereafter to be named "Bizzmill" attaches great importance to the privacy of the visitors using and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this statement Bizzmill explains it's policy regarding cookies on its website

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone via our web site when you visit our website. The cookies we use on our website do not remember any personal data, such as your password, name, address or age. The cookies only remember your preferences and interests. We use cookies for several reasons. Below you can read more about the 3 different category cookies that Bizzmill uses on the

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website. These cookies contribute to safe browsing and use of the functionalities of our website. Think about staying logged in when visiting the different pages of our website, and your specified cookie preferences. If your browser does not accept cookies from you cannot or only to a limited extent make use of the website and your personal environment on

Statistics cookies

We aim for the highest possible user experience. To achieve this we use cookies that collect information about the use of our website. On our website we use the following statistics cookies:

- Google Analytics

External cookies

We find it important to only share information with you that is relevant. We therefore use cookies that tell us something about your user profile. We do this both on our own website and on external websites. We show information that is related to a previous visit to our website. For example, did you view the page about on our website? Then you may see an advertisement on an external website that refers to this page. On our website we use the following external cookies: (Youtube)

Through special buttons of these channels you can easily share content from our website via your own account. An example is the 'Like' button from Facebook and linking those preferences to visits to other websites. This is made possible by the use of cookies.  

More information on the data that these social media channels obtain with this can be found on the websites of the above parties, can be found on the websites of the aforementioned parties.

How to block or delete cookies?

Would you prefer not to place cookies? Then you can delete cookies yourself via the privacy settings of your browser. However, this may cause the website to slow down or not work at all. See the explanation above under "necessary cookies".


Blocking cookies

Do you want to prevent new cookies from being placed? Then block the possibility of cookies being stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are several ways to block cookies. You can block all cookies, block a specific type of cookie or block cookies from specific websites. You can do this yourself through the privacy settings of your browser.


Delete cookies

Do you want to delete all cookies on your computer? That is possible. However, please bear in mind that by deleting cookies you will experience less user friendliness when you visit websites. Certain settings will no longer be saved and you may miss out on relevant offers. Incidentally, after each visit to the website, cookies will again be stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone after each internet visit. Unless you have blocked the installation of new cookies. The settings for deleting cookies can be found in the toolbar of your browser. Read more on the websites of the browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Do you use Safari? Then cookies from advertisers' cookies are blocked by default. You can change this setting by clicking on the symbol for settings in the top right-hand corner. Then go to"Preferences" and the "Privacy" tab. You can then choose from 3 settings.