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I really like Bizzmill! The main thing I enjoy about using Bizzmill is that it’s less time-consuming and it’s a very good way to build dynamic financial forecasts. My clients also feel more involved as they can understand their financial statements better and what it all means for their business.

Victoria Brom,Interim|SMB

I always wanted to start my own business, but I wasn’t comfortable to bet on a dream, with no experience in finance. With the help of my coach and Bizzmill, I learned how to make a financial forecast in no time, and in Dutch! When I saw the potential of my idea in revenue and profits on my dashboard, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey with confidence!

Yael Kop, Founder VONKAAP

Making cash flow forecasts has never been that easy. As we have multiple companies, it is very convenient to use Bizzmill. It makes it a lot easier for me to manage cash flow forecasts in the same platform.

Jan Flens,
Founder D&F Industrial Solutions B.V.

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Bizzmill empowers business consultants and coaches to expand their reach by streamlining their business planning and financial modeling processes.

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How Bizzmill makes you
a better coach!

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Ditch the spreadsheets

Say goodbye to the headache of complicated error prone spreadsheets and hello to effortless, accurate financial projections. Our algorithm automatically calculates financial metrics, reducing the risk of errors and saving time. With intuitive features, easy-to-use interfaces and unparalleled accuracy, Bizzmill is the must have tool to streamline your financial planing and scale up your coaching practise.

Available in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

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Help your clients get results

With Bizzmill you can make financial models 70% faster than Excel. This allows you to conduct a financial analysis to assess a business on your first session. You will demonstrate how your coaching can lead to immediate revenue growth. By providing concrete data and insights, you can justify your fees and help your clients see a positive return on their coaching investment.  

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Enhance collaboration

Access all your clients’ financial models in one platform with just a click. With a centralised platform for collaboration and communication between consultants, clients, and other stakeholders, it is easier to share information and work together. Collaborate and quickly adjust without having to start from scratch or change formulas.

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Boost engagement

With Bizzmill dynamic dashboards, it's much easier for your clients to understand what goals need to be achieved. Bizzmill provides you with visualisations and analytics tools that make it easier to analyse data. You will engage them and easily explain your advice, its impact on their revenue and cashflow, their P&L and balance sheet all in one dashboard.

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