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Strategic planning tools for the growth and sustainability of your clients business

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Step-by-step guidance business planning
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Bizzmill empowers business consultants and coaches to expand their reach by shaping their future with business planning and financial modeling tools.

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Business Plan Writing Software. Reinvented.

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Easy and flexible business planning

Collaborate, ideate together in one place, and help your clients get a lenders-ready business plan in no time. Empower your clients with practical skills that improve their engagement.

Available in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

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Step-by-step guidance business planning
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Hassle-free financial modeling

Ditch those exhaustive spreadsheets. Follow step-by-step instructions to guide your clients and rely on automation to calculate cash-flow, profit & loss and other financial metrics.

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Standardized business process

Maximise your own performance by using a structured business planning process that is ready for scaling up. Inspire your clients by demonstrating your own commitment to change and your value as a high-performance coach.  

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Flexible business planning
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Solid growth strategies

Adapt your strategy based on clear financial insights. Update your business plan regularly to see what works and what doesn't work. Stay competitive with a business plan that grows and evolves along with your business.

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We endorse the business planning platform of Bizzmill to our clients that find understanding finance difficult.
We often get feedback from these clients that it helped them a great deal in running their business.
As a result, we naturally become an even better business partner.

Arjen van der Graaf, Founder

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