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I really like Bizzmill! The main thing I enjoy about using Bizzmill is that it’s less time-consuming and it’s a very good way to build dynamic financial forecasts. My clients also feel more involved as they can understand their financial statements better and what it all means for their business.

Victoria Brom

Making cash flow forecasts has never been that easy. As we have multiple companies, it is very convenient to use Bizzmill. It makes it a lot easier for me to manage cash flow forecasts in the same platform.

Jan Flens
Founder D&F Industrial Solutions B.V.

I always wanted to start my own business, but I wasn’t comfortable to bet on a dream, with no experience in finance. With the help of my coach and Bizzmill, I learned how to make a financial forecast in no time, and in Dutch! When I saw the potential of my idea in revenue and profits on my dashboard, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey with confidence!

Yael Kop

How Bizzmill makes you
a better entrepreneur!

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Easily make and analyse forecasts

Get guided to fill in your data and rely on our algorithms to automatically calculate important financial metrics. Identify your costs, revenue drivers and leachers at a glance. Project P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash flow Statements in a click. Use our dashboards to achieve clarity about your future financial results.

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Impress with visual forecasts

Rely on visual reports of your revenue, P&L statement and cash flow forecast. Easily calculate your funding needs, present and support your decisions. Finish a lean business plan to convince investors and improve your chance of getting funded.

Flexible business planning
Innovative business plan writing
Innovative business plan writing icon

Adapt quickly to changes

Forecast different scenarios and use real-time financial insights to make decisions. Collaborate and adapt your forecasts in seconds. Visualise the financial future of your business. Get the financial insights you need to start or to grow. Create scenarios and analyse the impact of decisions on your revenue, profit & loss and cash flow.

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